3 reasons Capoeira is the perfect martial art for brown boys!

If you are anything like me you desire to wear your child out. We want guaranteed naps and nights where the short person stays in their room all night from pure exhaustion. Soccer, dance class, piano lessons are supposed to help with social/emotional and brain development. But let’s be honest mommies, we are just trying to have them take at least an hour nap and/or sleep through the night.

Why is capoeira the martial art of my choosing?

It’s African-duh?!

  • Capoeira is a fighting style derived from slaves captured by the Portuguese and taken to Brazil. These slaves were from Angola and used their martial arts in rebellion against their slave owners. The movements include lots of kicks because many slaves fought with their hands bound. There are angles and twist that resemble dance moves because these ancient people fought with large collars around their necks. What looks like dance moves is a strategy to disguise capoeira as a martial art. Slave owners thought their slaves were just “playing” when they were really training. Also, I want my son to know that Asians have not cornered the market on martial arts.

Capoeira teaches that your opponent can also be your friend.

  • You must shake your opponent’s hand before sparing (also called playing). Intelligence is high on the list of traits I want my son to have but above that is compassion. It is important to me that my son connects to humanity in a positive way; looking for the light before the darkness. But rest assured if the darkness should reveal itself King will be able to kicks its ass thanks to Capoeira.

Capoeira teaches discipline and strategy.

  • I think the two go hand-in-hand. A person has┬áto find┬átheir opponent’s rhythm. This fighting style has a heart beat. The instruments guide you, the singing channels the chi/prana. A person has to anticipate their opponent’s next move. There are fake me outs and unexpected tricks sprinkled throughout this martial art form. Mostly though, it feels like home.

King is a natural. I’m excited to watch his journey. Check out this family if you’re in the DMV area and want lessons. Namaste.


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