Bad Mom: Movie Review

Spoiler Alert!

I took myself on a mommy date. The trailers for the movie were hysterical and I was hoping for a serious ab workout. Although I didn’t leave with sore abs, the funny parts were HELLA funny.

Amy is a mother of two middle school students, she is under appreciated by her husband and her boss, and to top it off she is responsible for schlepping her children all around town for lessons & practices. She feels like she is doing her best, but her best isn’t good enough. As mothers we all know this feeling.

Amy befriends two outcast mothers Kiki and Carla. Kiki is a stay at home mom of four whose spirit has been crushed by a man with penis issues. Carla is a single mom whose parenting skills need lots of work but you secretly admire her whorish ways and lack of f*cks to give.

Meanwhile, Gwendolyn finds purpose and meaning in being the P.T.A. nazi and terrorizing mothers to cover up her own inadequacies. Some of my loudest laughs came from the P.T.A. meeting scenes. Gwendolyn uses power points, graphics and a litany of rules to run her well oiled machine. When Amy stands up to her, all hell breaks loose. Amy decides to quit trying at life. The kids have to fend for themselves. Her boss has to figure it out without her and she puts the husband out.

Amy takes a break from the aim of perfection and loves it. She can no longer be manipulated by society and society is not taking it well. Gwendolyn’s mean girl skills are indomitable. She plant’s marijuana in Amy’s daughter’s school locker. Then she drops a dime to the principal. Guess who that is? Bunk from the wire! Apparently, suburban moms don’t scrap in the streets when someone messes with their child; they fight with local politics. #message

Since Gwendolyn is hitting below the belt and involving the children, Amy is coming for her job as president of the P.T.A. She almost misses her candidacy speech because she starts feeling sorry for herself. Amy and her husband agree to divorce, her daughter shames her mothering skills and she gets fired.

In the end all the mothers realize that in some ways they are all bad moms and putting up a facade only further isolates them from one another.

*Thembi highlights

  • a white (she is not really white but plays one in the movie) mother talks to her white son about privilege. She explains that she is no longer going to raise a mediocre entitled child who thinks the world owes him something simply because he is male and white. 2 pts. for the writers.
  • scene in the bathroom where Amy, Kiki and Carla are talking about sex. OMG. I think a little snot came out of my nose. The movie is worth seeing for this scene alone. If you ever had any questions about an uncircumcised penis; they will all be answered here. Trust me!

  • skipping Mandarin lessons to go play at the spa. Amy and her daughter are both A-types and anxiety ridden. It was nice that Amy was able to model for her daughter the ability to let go. May we all pass down these skills to our little ones instead of leaving them  a legacy of expectations that no one can live up to.

This is a great girls night out movie. It’s funny and light and a reminder to quit judging one another; we are all doing the best we can.

Did you see the movie? What did you think?


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