3 ways to tap into your intuition

Becoming a mother requires that you activate your superpowers. The ability to tap into your intuition is one of them. The ability to make decisions based solely on your gut, holy spirit, intuition or whatever you’d like to call it; and the ability to be confident that you have made the right decision requires practice. […]

40 year old blogger, is that a thing?

40 year old blogger, is that a thing? Dang on write it is a thing! My 40th birthday was lit. I do not care if you think I’m too old to use that word. I have dedicated this new decade to traveling more. I booked a trip to Mexico as birthday present to myself. Yeye […]

Purple Colored Rage: 3 ways to use lavender

Satan tried it, but I’m a demon slayer. The recent political climate has made me physically ill. I’ve tried various coping mechanisms. The first was to flee. I refused to watch the news, I closed down my facebook account and kept checking the date on my passport. Family is an anchor, if it weren’t for […]

Hidden Figures: A Movie Review

I have been walking around this planet arrogant af. I just knew I could win millions in any black history jeopardy game and there was no hotep or historian that could tell me differently. This is proof that arrogance serves no purpose: I had no idea who Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan were. To […]

5 Affirmation to Help You Conquer 2017

Walk into 2017 with purpose. Trust yourself and stay focused. Here is an affirmation to assist with that: I am always at the right place at the right time, engaged in the right activities with the right people.     Look past appearances. The ability to do this will help you keep a positive attitude. […]

7 Unusual Facts about a Fat Black Yogi

Even though I call myself a yogi I don’t really know what that means. I’m really not a Zen kind of person but I am always seeking enlightenment. Suppression of my rage is a daily fight. Rage is depression in Shango clothing. I’m on a life long journey to tame my crazy. Here’s the tea: […]

The Importance of a Safe Space for mother and child

Last week I went to a meet and greet for Ms. Wright’s Way. Ashley Wright is a breast-feeding, baby wearing, bed sharing and using common sense advocate. I follow her on all her social media except for Facebook. I am on a timeout from Facebook until further notice. You can still catch me on twitter […]

3 reasons Capoeira is the perfect martial art for brown boys!

If you are anything like me you desire to wear your child out. We want guaranteed naps and nights where the short person stays in their room all night from pure exhaustion. Soccer, dance class, piano lessons are supposed to help with social/emotional and brain development. But let’s be honest mommies, we are just trying […]

How to make Immunity Boosting Tea!

It’s November and the weather has been schizoid. Not that I’m complaining, I will take 75-80 degree weather in Autumn. The issue is the fluctuation in the weather. Two days out of the week it will feel like a lovely spring day and then the other days will require boots and jackets. It can be […]

5 Ways To Survive a Toxic Work Enviornment

Is your day job stressing you out? Do feel invisible or undervalued? Are your ideas only good when they come out of a man or white person’s mouth? Is your intelligence questioned? Are you surviving a situation until the next good idea? Then this blog is for you! Put on Your Spiritual Armor. Use your […]