5 Affirmation to Help You Conquer 2017

Walk into 2017 with purpose. Trust yourself and stay focused. Here is an affirmation to assist with that:

I am always at the right place at the right time, engaged in the right activities with the right people.



Look past appearances. The ability to do this will help you keep a positive attitude. A good attitude is good for your pressure. When you find yourself in a challenging predicament repeat this affirmation to yourself:

Everything is always working out for me. 


When your bank account isn’t reflecting all the abundance that is your birthright, you can help change the tide with this:

I am in divine flow. Money flows to me in avalanches, without ceasing and with ease.

(if you ain’t new here, you already know this one.)

Some of us know depression well. It is a family member. For some people, a distant relative that only visits occasionally and for others it is a twin sister. Here is an affirmation to remind you there is nothing you can do nor “feel” that will separate you from the love of God:

I am made in the image and likeness of God. I am enough. I am important and have something special to offer the world. I matter.

For those of your that have altars and/or meditate, here are some affirmations to help call in the Holy Spirit. This affirmation will help your tap into your intuition:

I am the co-creator of my life. I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I am led by righteousness. Use me.

You know I am a girl who loves affirmations but affirmations alone will not change your life. Change requires action! After you have said all of the affirmations to create the energy/vibration around the thing you want to do, make sure you DO something. Write your book, take that class, start your business and change your habits. When you lose momentum return to the affirmations but don’t quit, keep moving! Happy New Year!




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7 Unusual Facts about a Fat Black Yogi

Even though I call myself a yogi I don’t really know what that means. I’m really not a Zen kind of person but I am always seeking enlightenment. Suppression of my rage is a daily fight. Rage is depression in Shango clothing. I’m on a life long journey to tame my crazy. Here’s the tea: only when you surrender to your rage, allowing yourself to feel it completely, will you find ways to calm it. Rage requires patience and diplomacy. Here are some unusual facts about me as I learn to manage mine:

    1. In yoga teacher training during our lesson about the Yamas and Niyamas, I was battling gnats. While learning the life principle Ahimsa/nonviolence, I was smacking the sh*t out of gnats. I am not a nature girl. I appreciate nature’s beauty and wonder but I prefer to appreciate it from the window of my air conditioned home. I want to challenge myself this coming year. I’ve considered hiking. I will let you know how that goes. If I’m lucky, a side effect will be a change in my body; which brings me to the second unusual fact….

      look at my cute cute & color!
      look at my cute cut & color!
    2. I gained the thirty pounds back that I lost after giving birth to the short person. On this side of the emotional pendulum I have less discipline. I’m not practicing Tapas. I let my sweet tooth run wild. Instead of doing more yoga, I do none- unless I’m teaching. And now here I am as the fat belly Buddha. I know clients feel anxiety and consider getting a refund when they see that a chunky black lady with a pot belly will be leading their practice. And my ego -(another thing I am  working on) is pleased when clients end up panting, surprised and satisfied by the time savasana finally rolls around.

      follow me on snap chat @akingsma
      follow me on snap chat @akingsma
    3. I may curse while leading you through your practice. I have a potty mouth and I am really not working on that. Om shanti.
    4. My biggie yoga pants are my favorite. Clients can predict what type of class we are going to have when I’m rocking them. biggie-revised
    5. I’m a seafood junkie and I wear fur. If I’m not eating meat it’s because of my waistline not compassion for farm animals.”Tell peta my mink is dragging on the floor.”
    6. Ever since the election my personal yoga practice has suffered. Winter time plus my disappointment in America has heightened my seasonal affect disorder. I am no longer feeling innovative or experimental.  To fill up my bag of tricks, I find unique poses on instagram and try them out in yoga class. Sometimes the clients and I are practicing an asana for the first time together in class.

      My petty white woman game is strong!
    7. I belong to the mommy gang that is too hard on ourselves because we are comparing ourselves to an instagram highlight reel. I see you with all your imperfections. You see me with all of mine. But we are perfect in our children’s eyes and we must remember this! At least until they get into middle school and start judging us. Be present for every moment, even the times that are painful.



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The Importance of a Safe Space for mother and child

Last week I went to a meet and greet for Ms. Wright’s Way. Ashley Wright is a breast-feeding, baby wearing, bed sharing and using common sense advocate. I follow her on all her social media except for Facebook. I am on a timeout from Facebook until further notice. You can still catch me on twitter and Instagram. My favorite right now is snap chat. The best stories are told there.


It is not often that I can get out to do things alone. If I’m going somewhere then the short person has to go too. Everything ain’t for everybody so often times I opt out of things because it’s not child friendly. Wright offered a space that children could come and for FREE. The opportunity to fellowship with liked minded people is a blessing. Having your kid invited is your blessing pressed down and running over. We met at the Madison House in DC. It’s a home turned boutique and a mental health safe space. I bought two cute amethyst crystals from there.


I heard a new part of Wright’s story during the meet and greet which is her’s to tell. I will just say bad-asses are made by the circumstance of their lives and I salute them.

The short person had plenty of other children to play with. The roar of the children often got louder than Wright. But she didn’t miss a beat, she kept talking and engaging with us as if she weren’t in a volume battle with banshee.

The energy in the place was sweet; accurately defining Wright’s following as “the village”. I introduced myself to Ashley Wright since I had driven 45 minutes from my Virginia suburban home. My “hey Ashley”, was met with a look of familiarity and a warm embrace. Pause for the super sweet sister moment.


I hope more entrepreneurs learn that there is a market for events that are child friendly. I pay an exorbitant amount of money in gym fees because it includes daycare. Dear yoga studios, please get hip to this.

I am taking notes and learning from every event I attend trying to turn my side joint into my main joint. If I ever invite you to something or ask you to pay to come see me; best believe the kid(s) can come too.

Be better.
Do better.

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3 reasons Capoeira is the perfect martial art for brown boys!

If you are anything like me you desire to wear your child out. We want guaranteed naps and nights where the short person stays in their room all night from pure exhaustion. Soccer, dance class, piano lessons are supposed to help with social/emotional and brain development. But let’s be honest mommies, we are just trying to have them take at least an hour nap and/or sleep through the night.

Why is capoeira the martial art of my choosing?

It’s African-duh?!

  • Capoeira is a fighting style derived from slaves captured by the Portuguese and taken to Brazil. These slaves were from Angola and used their martial arts in rebellion against their slave owners. The movements include lots of kicks because many slaves fought with their hands bound. There are angles and twist that resemble dance moves because these ancient people fought with large collars around their necks. What looks like dance moves is a strategy to disguise capoeira as a martial art. Slave owners thought their slaves were just “playing” when they were really training. Also, I want my son to know that Asians have not cornered the market on martial arts.

Capoeira teaches that your opponent can also be your friend.

  • You must shake your opponent’s hand before sparing (also called playing). Intelligence is high on the list of traits I want my son to have but above that is compassion. It is important to me that my son connects to humanity in a positive way; looking for the light before the darkness. But rest assured if the darkness should reveal itself King will be able to kicks its ass thanks to Capoeira.

Capoeira teaches discipline and strategy.

  • I think the two go hand-in-hand. A person has to find their opponent’s rhythm. This fighting style has a heart beat. The instruments guide you, the singing channels the chi/prana. A person has to anticipate their opponent’s next move. There are fake me outs and unexpected tricks sprinkled throughout this martial art form. Mostly though, it feels like home.

King is a natural. I’m excited to watch his journey. Check out this family if you’re in the DMV area and want lessons. Namaste.


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How to make Immunity Boosting Tea!

It’s November and the weather has been schizoid. Not that I’m complaining, I will take 75-80 degree weather in Autumn. The issue is the fluctuation in the weather. Two days out of the week it will feel like a lovely spring day and then the other days will require boots and jackets. It can be pretty annoying when you have packed all you summer gear away but it can also wreak havoc on your immune system. So I stay ready with my immunity boosting tea. Here is the recipe:

Immunity Boosting Tea

-Pumeli Hibiscus Tea Blend

-Fresh Ginger (I cut chunks and let the float freely in my tea)


-Dandelion & Echinacea Root

-Drops of colloidal silver or rescue remedy

Thank God for the Pumeli blend and tea infuser, it makes brewing and drinking my immune boosting tea super easy. The glass container is eco-friendly, cute and has a secret storage space in the cap for loose herbs. The Petals & Blooms tea that accompanies the Pumeli tea infuser naturally sweetens the taste. The blend  includes hibiscus, rose hips and lemon peel. And Lawd knows I need all the help I can get when trying to ingest dandelion.

Pumeli Tea

Take care of yourself by eating what is in season . Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water and drink your Immunity Boosting tea! Pick up your Pumeli tea infuser for yourself or as a gift and take the work out of making fresh tea. Place herbs in the stainless steel strainer, be gentle-I broke the handle. Pour boiling water into the glass container. Wait 5 minutes for it to brew. Let the yumminess commence!



Disclaimer: This post was sponsored but the opinions are all mine!

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