2015 Was A Good Year For Me

Every goal that I set at the end of 2014, I accomplished in 2015. This is not to say I didn’t experience disappointment or that I didn’t experience trouble; it’s simply to say that I got things done. I am proud of myself for that. I am a creative person. I am good at coming […]

4 Natural Remedies to Combat Your S.A.D.

It is autumn and for most people who enjoy the changing of seasons this is a happy time. People get to pull out their sweaters and drink fake pumpkin lattes (I’m still skeptical). For others like me this can be a time of great angst. Me and 1/4th of the population face seasonal affect disorder, […]

So I Taught My First Yoga Class

Teacher training can prepare you for a lot. However, experience is the best teacher when it comes to teaching an actual class. During graduation, a veteran teacher offered me this: “Don’t look at their faces, everyone looks mean. “ Never were truer words uttered. I teach gentle yoga on Mondays at 6pm at Pies Fitness […]