40 year old blogger, is that a thing?

40 year old blogger, is that a thing?

Dang on write it is a thing! My 40th birthday was lit. I do not care if you think I’m too old to use that word. I have dedicated this new decade to traveling more. I booked a trip to Mexico as birthday present to myself. Yeye and the in-laws tended to the short person while the husbanator and I took our first vacation since King was born.

Mayan Ruins


Riviera Maya, Akumal


Trying to maintain my warrior on top of a hill.

We went to Mexico and got a much needed break along with the ability to sleep in with no alarm clock and we consumed large amounts of vitamin D while sipping adult beverages. I also got an unexpected treat. My husband threw me a surprise party. Bless his heart! He got all the people who love me to fill up a room. I have never thrown myself a party because I used to believe a lie. I believed that because I was such an introvert I would never have enough friends to fill up a room. That was a lie! A horrible lie from the pit of hell.

I was so overwhelmed by the love, I started to cry. I cried, an ugly cry and hugged and kissed everyone in the room. My cousin told me she had never seen me cry before, not even at our grandmother’s funeral. The shade!

Me with the cuzzo and my ugly cry!


The bestie was in on it too!


The husbanator had t-shirts made

Even though turning 40 brought a great deal of joy it also brings introspection. I had to revisit the reasons I have this blog, like what is the point? Why do I keep writing? Why do I advocate wellness for mothers, especially in the area of mental health?

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The answer is simple. I can’t help it. No matter how far I run I always end up back here; writing, teaching and advocating because this is how I choose to do life. And guess what!? There is a niche for my age group with a lot of dope bloggers to be inspired by. I am in great company, here are few of my favs, check them out:

Mommy Talk Show
Abiola Abrams
Fashion on the 4th floor
Sonia Marie

These women are brown, brilliant and 40 or over. These women serve as reminders and as winks from the universe that all things are possible. Namaste.

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Purple Colored Rage: 3 ways to use lavender

Satan tried it, but I’m a demon slayer. The recent political climate has made me physically ill. I’ve tried various coping mechanisms. The first was to flee. I refused to watch the news, I closed down my facebook account and kept checking the date on my passport. Family is an anchor, if it weren’t for the guys I would be in another country right now. Cuba is looking very inviting and I still have family in Jamaica.

Then here comes sadness. I’ve been in my feelings; feeding them bagels, fries and refined sugar. Finally arriving at rage, my inner seething literally broke my immune system down. During the MLK weekend and the inauguration weekend I was sick in bed unable to do anything but sleep.

So my first order of action is MORE self care. Loving on myself is priority number one. I must be more intentional with taking care of myself which means trying new things for the benefit of my total wellness. I reintroduced myself to lavender. I haven’t been a fan in the past but I have found three ways to integrated lavender into my life and receive its calming benefit.

I drink Yogi’s Stress Relief Honey Lavender Tea. I made the mistake of drinking this tea at the day job and kept nodding off while the children were talking to me. Don’t be like me. Drink it before going to bed for optimum results. Another thing that has been helping me maintain is the use of oils. While decluttering I found a vial of lavender and vanilla oil. I place a few drops on temples and wrists during meditation. Focusing on the scent helps me find stillness quickly.

The family fave is Ganga incense. It is a mixture of cinnamon, lavender and jasmine. If heaven had a smell, this would be it. You only have to burn it for a few minutes for it to permeate the house. It changes the vibe instantly.
I know things appear bleak but take care of yourself. Remember that not much freedom fighting can be done from the inside of a straitjacket.




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7 Unusual Facts about a Fat Black Yogi

Even though I call myself a yogi I don’t really know what that means. I’m really not a Zen kind of person but I am always seeking enlightenment. Suppression of my rage is a daily fight. Rage is depression in Shango clothing. I’m on a life long journey to tame my crazy. Here’s the tea: only when you surrender to your rage, allowing yourself to feel it completely, will you find ways to calm it. Rage requires patience and diplomacy. Here are some unusual facts about me as I learn to manage mine:

    1. In yoga teacher training during our lesson about the Yamas and Niyamas, I was battling gnats. While learning the life principle Ahimsa/nonviolence, I was smacking the sh*t out of gnats. I am not a nature girl. I appreciate nature’s beauty and wonder but I prefer to appreciate it from the window of my air conditioned home. I want to challenge myself this coming year. I’ve considered hiking. I will let you know how that goes. If I’m lucky, a side effect will be a change in my body; which brings me to the second unusual fact….

      look at my cute cute & color!
      look at my cute cut & color!
    2. I gained the thirty pounds back that I lost after giving birth to the short person. On this side of the emotional pendulum I have less discipline. I’m not practicing Tapas. I let my sweet tooth run wild. Instead of doing more yoga, I do none- unless I’m teaching. And now here I am as the fat belly Buddha. I know clients feel anxiety and consider getting a refund when they see that a chunky black lady with a pot belly will be leading their practice. And my ego -(another thing I am  working on) is pleased when clients end up panting, surprised and satisfied by the time savasana finally rolls around.

      follow me on snap chat @akingsma
      follow me on snap chat @akingsma
    3. I may curse while leading you through your practice. I have a potty mouth and I am really not working on that. Om shanti.
    4. My biggie yoga pants are my favorite. Clients can predict what type of class we are going to have when I’m rocking them. biggie-revised
    5. I’m a seafood junkie and I wear fur. If I’m not eating meat it’s because of my waistline not compassion for farm animals.”Tell peta my mink is dragging on the floor.”
    6. Ever since the election my personal yoga practice has suffered. Winter time plus my disappointment in America has heightened my seasonal affect disorder. I am no longer feeling innovative or experimental.  To fill up my bag of tricks, I find unique poses on instagram and try them out in yoga class. Sometimes the clients and I are practicing an asana for the first time together in class.

      My petty white woman game is strong!
    7. I belong to the mommy gang that is too hard on ourselves because we are comparing ourselves to an instagram highlight reel. I see you with all your imperfections. You see me with all of mine. But we are perfect in our children’s eyes and we must remember this! At least until they get into middle school and start judging us. Be present for every moment, even the times that are painful.



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How to make Immunity Boosting Tea!

It’s November and the weather has been schizoid. Not that I’m complaining, I will take 75-80 degree weather in Autumn. The issue is the fluctuation in the weather. Two days out of the week it will feel like a lovely spring day and then the other days will require boots and jackets. It can be pretty annoying when you have packed all you summer gear away but it can also wreak havoc on your immune system. So I stay ready with my immunity boosting tea. Here is the recipe:

Immunity Boosting Tea

-Pumeli Hibiscus Tea Blend

-Fresh Ginger (I cut chunks and let the float freely in my tea)


-Dandelion & Echinacea Root

-Drops of colloidal silver or rescue remedy

Thank God for the Pumeli blend and tea infuser, it makes brewing and drinking my immune boosting tea super easy. The glass container is eco-friendly, cute and has a secret storage space in the cap for loose herbs. The Petals & Blooms tea that accompanies the Pumeli tea infuser naturally sweetens the taste. The blend  includes hibiscus, rose hips and lemon peel. And Lawd knows I need all the help I can get when trying to ingest dandelion.

Pumeli Tea

Take care of yourself by eating what is in season . Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water and drink your Immunity Boosting tea! Pick up your Pumeli tea infuser for yourself or as a gift and take the work out of making fresh tea. Place herbs in the stainless steel strainer, be gentle-I broke the handle. Pour boiling water into the glass container. Wait 5 minutes for it to brew. Let the yumminess commence!



Disclaimer: This post was sponsored but the opinions are all mine!

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5 Ways To Survive a Toxic Work Enviornment

Is your day job stressing you out? Do feel invisible or undervalued? Are your ideas only good when they come out of a man or white person’s mouth? Is your intelligence questioned? Are you surviving a situation until the next good idea? Then this blog is for you!

Put on Your Spiritual Armor.


Use your tools. I have a coworker who anoints her classroom with holy water. I use a Himalayan pink salt rock lamp to promote peace in my office. You can pray out loud in your car on the way to work. Do not turn on the radio, speak to your creator and ask for God’s protection in the workplace. Arm your self by wearing amulets that ward off haters. Meditate before work using imagery to build a force field of protection around you. Whatever spiritual tricks you have in your grab bag, this is the time to whip them out.

Be Excellent. 


This is the antithesis of what your feelings will tell you to do. Your hurt feelings will make you want to behave badly, don’t do it. When you are being overlooked, work harder. Make sure that you are doing your very best so that if anyone questions your worth work you work-harderknow with certainty that whatever issue they have with you has nothing to do with the work.




Be a Great Time Manager. 


Get to work early. Be efficient when you’re there. Make sure you take your breaks but no slacking off during the day. Make the most of your time, then break the hell out!


Have a Healthy Outlet.

How to meditate

I like my wine just like the next chick but my waist line doesn’t. I find that Bikram yoga or belly dance class are the perfect remedy for me. I find that no matter how tired or depressed I’m feeling; rigorous exercise shakes the funk off me. Also, fellowship with my sisters at dance class is always an energy boost. If you don’t have any good sisters in your life, you are doing life wrong.


Have an Exit Plan. 


We can endure more when we know there is an end to our suffering. Increase your professional development so that you can acquire new and marketable skills that can hopefully move you into another job. Make a plan, a clear choice that others may not understand but you know is perfect for you.

Hang in there! Beep. This is Only a Test. Namaste.



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