Tampons From The Health Food Store

I am 50% bougie and 50% crunchy. The crunchies have been bombarding my time line with natural ways to deal with my moon cycle. I am definitely about that whole body wellness life so I investigated more.

There is something out on the market called the Diva Cup for menstruation. I will have to take the word of the brave souls who have tried it, to know that it works. I’m not trying it. Like, can I even wear my skinny jeans with that thing on? What about my yoga pants?

OK, so is there a natural tampon?

Why, yes there is.

I found them at Moms (My Organic Market), they carry a brand named Emerita. They cost $7.99 for 32. Compare that to Always at $5.99. The applicator is  biodegradable card board which is  better for the environment than those plastic easy to slip inside you applicator.  And here is where the experiment begins.


I saw no difference in absorbency between brands of tampons. I switched between the natural and Kotex brand on my heaviest day. Application may matter to some but not to me. If it matters to you, the all organic cotton tampon requires a teeny bit more effort when inserting.  Also, consider that those cheaper pads and tampons  contain chloride bleach,  preservative chemicals and GMO cotton(which means it isn’t real cotton…wtf)). The Emerita brand is chloride free, rayon-free (not sure why that matters) and perfume free. They also incorporate a “security veil” to keep stray particles from flying around inside your girly parts and landing in random places in your body. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

Overall, I think it is worth the switch. I haven’t tried the natural maxi pads yet. From the perusing I’ve done so far, they look quite bulky. This is a very preliminary theory but it looks like Always may  win this round due to, you know, my skinny jeans and yoga pants.

See you on the next review!

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