How I spent my summer…..

If you went on exotic trips this summer and baked in the sun while drinking adult beverages then good for you! I played the role of mary poppins this summer. I spent my short 5 week vacation organizing my house and tackling DIY projects. Who have I become? Although I do not think I am naturally an organized person, I know that I function better when I am and so does my household. Shout out to blogger Mattie James for teaching me about batch processing. She meant it as a tool for consistent blogging but I put that batch on everything. Work outfits, short person outfits, meals, ¬†snacks and sometimes blogging too…LOL. My mommy brain and household are in ¬†alignment more since it’s implementation.

My Presence is a Present.

My mother in love turned 63 over the summer. She likes money so that is what my husband and I usually give her. This time I got creative and made her a money-box. Any youtube video can show you how and then you sprinkle your own cootie juice to the flavoring. I went to bank and got 63 dollars bills. Then I taped all the dollar bills together with clear tape. I recommend wrapping the money around an old toilet tissue roll to keep things in place. I stuffed it in an old tissue box and fill up any empty space with colored tissue paper. Then I had the time of my life decorating the tissue box. I have no idea where the pics of the finished product are. Trust me it was a hit. Next time I will add affirmations and/or fond memories of the person I’m creating the box for. Notes will be sprinkled in between the money.

Reclaiming My Time!

Trying to find something underneath my bathroom sink was like sticking my hand in a treasure chest and hoping for the best. No one wants to live like this, especially when I simply want a makeup wipe to remove the day. So I fixed it. I down sized my products, made a quick run to Bed Bath and Beyond and my world has changed. If I’m looking for something, I look under my sink and I can find it. It has improved my quality of life by providing me time. I'm out here like Auntie Maxine reclaiming my time. Click To Tweet


Slime Time!

My favorite way to spend time is with my short human. We worked on skills for school. Yes, I’m that mother, we do school work in the summer time. But I am also the mother who likes to make up songs and have improvisational dance parties in the kitchen. We spent this summer making slime. I haven’t perfected the recipe and we have to add food coloring because color makes everything better but we made some. We tried, got dirty and had fun and then summer was over. So glad I made time for the people who matter most!

Until next time, namaste.

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