How to make self-care a habit in 3 simple steps.

I have been slipping this summer and gained 20 pounds. Accepting my body post baby takes a consistent effort. I have to be mindful=present to what is happening with my body right now and the truth of the matter is that my metabolism is slowing down. I am a woman of a particular age and my body requires a different type maintenance. It is also true that I’ve been neglecting myself and the weight gain is a result of that.

Self-care is a result of self-love. Loves comes from acceptance. The more I accept myself regardless of how I look the easier it gets to look the way I want. See, how that works? I had to teach my self not to feel guilty or indulgent when taking care of myself. These 3 steps have helped me and remind me of what is most important: me.

  • Schedule your self-care just like you schedule your doctor appointments. For me Friday nights are for baths. I make sure I get to soak in water uninterrupted for 30 minutes. You can listen to music, drink wine or meditate. This time is for you. I have also started taking walks at work during my 30 min lunch. Yes, girl I don’t even get a whole hour. At least 5 days a week I am getting in 30 minutes of exercise and its a great way to clear your mind.schedule


  • Make your self-care a priority. Explain to the spouse and the short people,┬áthis is your time and let them know that you appreciate their support. If you take a bath at the same time every week it becomes a habit. You also teach those who love you to respect your new habit.

friends hands

  • Get a sister friend to hold you accountable. The buddy system isn’t just for the┬ákindergartener. Find a friend that you can text every Friday night after your bath. The bonus is you get to catch up with your friend that you’ve neglected since you began MOMing.

Have you made self-care a habit? If not, there is no time like the present.

Remember, I love you & want the best for you!


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