Keeping The Short Person Chemical Free This Summer

You all should know by now that I love most products by Babyganics and California Baby. This fact doesn’t change in the summertime. Make sure you use sunscreen, yes, you too, mothers of melanated babies! Put the d@mn sunscreen on! My favorite is  California Baby, it has the cleanest ingredients of the store-bought products I’ve tried. However it is priced a $16.99 for a 2.9oz bottle at Target.  It leaves my short person with a pinkish tint yet you only need a small amount. With Babyganic’s sunscreen you get more for your buck. $9.99 for a 6oz bottle. It also has a greater SPF. However, you will have to reapply more often.

sunscreen california baby

As the mother of a rambunctious 3 year old boy, I recognize the loving relationship boys have with dirt. King is always asking to go to the park, take a walk/go hiking and/or go swimming. He loves nature and I hate bugs. I’m am very suburban. Don’t judge my life. If you follow me on snapchat and Instagram you may have noticed  the picture of my homemade bug repellant. While walking into the house I was accosted by a sea of gnats. My level of irritation sparked me into action. Promptly after showering, I abracadabraed a concoction together and sprayed my door, porch light & into the air near the front of my door. Gnats don’t want it with me! We have had no more problems.

This homemade repellant is too strong for the short person & I definitely don’t need him rubbing it into his eyes. Here are of a few store-bought, gentle and effective brands. I don’t like the smell of citronella in general, most DEET-free natural products have some form of citronella in it, so I’m pretty much out of luck.
bite blocker

California Baby’s repellant has a citronella smell that isn’t as strong as pure citronella but it comes pretty close. Burt’s Bees has a brand that is mixed with lavender. I found that to be the least offensive to my nose. The best smelling repellant is Skin So Soft by Avon but it is the least effective and requires many reapplications. Off, has even gotten on the band wagon and created a fragrance free version of their product. I still can’t pronounce any of the ingredients though. Last but certainly not least, Bite Blocker gets an honorable mention. I have heard nothing but rave reviews although I have yet to try it. I will let you know as soon as it shows up at my door. God bless the inventor of online shopping.

Hey Moms, if you have a mimosa in the morning, wine a lunch and a stiff drink at dinner; I am not judging you. Well, just a little, but I recognize that summertime can be challenging. The children are home from school, eating you out of a house and home and expect you to entertain them especially if they are elementary school age and younger. That is enough to lead any civilized person to drink. If you are putting back one too many and forget to put the sunscreen and/or bug repellant on the kids and the kids come home bumpy and tender; don’t fret.  Break off a big piece of that aloe plant and rub them down. Aloe will heal both the burns and inflammation.


Enjoy your short people, they will never be this short again!


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