Ms. to Mrs. in a day!

My husband and I are going on our third year of marriage. I have no issue with exchanging one man’s sir name for another; it’s just that tasks with multiple steps always overwhelm me. You cannot conquer a thing until you face it. I faced it head on. This is how you go from Ms. to Mrs. in a day:

Visit the clerk’s office in your local court-house

You will need an official copy of your marriage license. It must have the raised seal on it. You need this before you do anything else. And guess what? You have to pay for your OWN marriage license. This was my first stop and I was there early I was in and out in 15 minutes. Not bad so far.

Visit the Social Security office

The social security office opened at 9. I was there at 9:45. I began the line outside. There were sights to see and odors to smell. I spent some time on social media and an hour later I made it to the window. The whole thing took ten minutes and I left with a receipt and a promise that I would have a new social security card in 7 to 10 business days.

Visit the DMV

I brought my entire safe. Every time I go to there, I am asked for a different piece of identification. I was armed with my passport, a utility bill, marriage license and my social security receipt. Hurry up and wait was the name of the game. The silver lining in the dirty a$$ cloud was that I ended up with a cute picture on my new license.

God bless the husbanator. Lunch was waiting for me in the car. It’s nice being Mrs. Deck.


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