Raising a Singleton

As soon as I had my first child people were asking me when I would have the next. It is repulsive enough that the government tries to make decisions about my womb, now I have randoms doing it also? No sir, we are very happy with our #1 and have no plans of making #2. After folks learn this, I get bombarded with ugly comments.
“Your child will be spoiled.”
“He is going to be selfish!”
“Who is he going to play with?”

kingpicforblog raising a singleton
It seem as though being an only child has gotten a bad rap. Since I am an only child; I would like to have a PR moment on behalf of only children everywhere. There are wonderful skills we have acquired as a result of having no siblings. Only children have wonderful imaginations. Creative people tend be only children. Famous only children include Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Alicia Keys, Frank Sinatra and John Lennon; maybe being a singleton had something to do with their genius. Just maybe. My grandparents used to tell me the story of how I would set my dolls in a row and play school, teaching them their alphabet. They would also crack up laughing at how I would beat the dolls for getting out of line. I was a big disciplinarian in my young age. Exercising my creative juices allowed me to manifest my current job as an educator.
Only children know how to be their own best friends. One of my favorite things to do is going to the movies by myself. I have plenty of girlfriends who will forgo an event because they have to go alone. Dear single ladies, you increase your chances of being approached by a man when you are alone. Those mobs you like travel in, intimidate men. Just saying.
I can have laser beam focus when raising my child because I have only one target. I plan on encouraging his creativity in every way. I also think it is important that he appreciates his own company. And don’t worry, he will earn his rewards; they won’t just be given to him. He will learn to share and play with others because his father’s family is overflowing with children. So randoms, if I didn’t ask for your opinion about my single offspring, why would you offer it? And would it be inappropriate if I said to a mother of multiples, “it looks like you don’t pay much attention to that middle one. He has boogers in his nose, his shoes are mismatched and it looks like he has gum in his hair!”