Product Review: Nose Frida

This is my very first product review. I haven’t gotten anything free or been paid for this review, although I welcome those opportunities. This review is because I think this product is awesome and everyone with a toddler, who cannot blow their nose, should use it.

What is it?







A Swedish aspirator.



How does it work?

Here is where it gets tricky. Nose Frida has two parts, the part that goes in the parent’s mouth and the part that goes in the babies’ nose. You place your mouth around one end and suck. You determine how fast and how long the suction takes place. It sound gross and it looks gross. The mucus never touches your mouth because of the filter.

Why is it better than the traditional aspirator?

In my experience they really don’t do the job. The bulb aspiration only gets the loose snot and the brim of the baby’s nose. The dried boogers in the back of the nasal passage are never touched. Also, you have to know exactly when to push in and release or you could end up pushing mucus back into your child nose. Bulb aspirators mold. Cut open one of your aspirators, I’ll wait. Ewww!

Is it safe?

Absolutely! A nurse actually suggested I use it. Invented and endorsed by a doctor. The piece of the aspirator that goes into the baby’s nose makes a gentle suction. It never probes deep inside the child’s nose. No matter how hard you suck, you will not hurt the baby. I personally enjoy watching all of the things that come out of my child’s nose. I don’t even understand how some of those large snot balls get lodged in his nose. I’m amazed he is still able to breathe.

Will my baby like it better than the bulb aspirator?

Probably not. I have yet to find a child who likes other people putting things in their noses. Children of course love putting things up their own noses.

How much does it cost?


You can find them online directly from the manufacturer at Nose Frida. Walmart and Target also carries them.

I only wish I had found this thing sooner. Happy Snot Sucking!