Single Mom Salute

Yo! MOMing is work. I mean, if you take it seriously and want to do a good job, it takes perseverance. But we are all human. Yes, momma you are human not a machine, which means that you have to take a break and ask for help. I would love a nanny, cook and trainer but I’m not there yet. Instead, I rely on my mother, mother in law and husband. But what if I had no help. I’m getting an anxiety rash just thinking about it.

I love that I have a team but so many mothers are doing it alone, or with very little support. My mother was a single mom. Being a mother myself, I have a greater appreciation for what she had to go through and randomly when I think about it I just give her a hug or a kiss because I don’t know if I could do it. If you know my story,┬ámy alone time is sacred. But what if I could never escape? What if I couldn’t afford a sitter and had no husband to tag when I need to walk away from the irrational short person? What if the only time I could write is when the short person was sleeping, which meant I could never sleep? Wait, that already happens, but you get I’m going.

In the blogshere there is much dissension. Working mother versus stay at home mother, homeschooling mother versus everyone else, vaccinating moms verses non vaccinating moms. I could go on and on. But, I want to use this space to spend love. It’s the yogi way.

I want you to figure out a way to take a break and solicit help. And to my single mother girlfriends, I am extending my help. I will watch your short person for one night so you can get in some me time. Hurry up and take advantage before I come to my senses. We are all in this together and I love you.


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