But are you having fun though? 7 ways to add more fun into your life.

Hey Party People, I am officially on summer break. Thank ya! The good Lawd ended the school year right before I passed out from exhaustion. I don’t appreciate being dragged to the edge like this! This school year we buried a principal and a student. I spent so much time taking care of others meanwhile […]

3 ways to tap into your intuition

Becoming a mother requires that you activate your superpowers. The ability to tap into your intuition is one of them. The ability to make decisions based solely on your gut, holy spirit, intuition or whatever you’d like to call it; and the ability to be confident that you have made the right decision requires practice. […]

5 hip hop songs you can use as affirmations

I like to define affirmations as verbal magic. Dictionary.com defines it as the assertion that something exists or is true. Affirmations speak into existence what you what to see. We do it all the time unintentionally. It is the programming of the subconscious mind. Affirmations when used correctly raise your vibration and level of commitment […]

Ms. to Mrs. in a day!

My husband and I are going on our third year of marriage. I have no issue with exchanging one man’s sir name for another; it’s just that tasks with multiple steps always overwhelm me. You cannot conquer a thing until you face it. I faced it head on. This is how you go from Ms. […]

When unresolved childhood issues make you pick stupid fights with your spouse.

Christmas eve I asked my mother to make escovitch fish. I cooked macaroni & cheese, Jamaican beans & rice, and squash sweet potato soufflé. After I cook more food this night than I have probably cooked all month; I trap myself in my office to wrap gifts. My fine motor skills start to give me trouble. It is probably because of the two glasses of special eggnog my husband has made. I am having difficulty with the wrapping paper. Everything ends up in gift bags. Just say no.

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