Three Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Your body has a frequency. It is the energy tied to your emotions. One of the ways to stay healthy in the winter is to vibrate higher. Being happy is a defense against sickness. Depression weakens the immune system. Here are  three ways to raise your vibration.



I choose gospel music or roots reggae, which is just scripture to a reggae beat. Church services always open with music to put everybody in a good mood, to invite in the divine and for worship. Instant mood booster, by design. Gospel might not be your thing, maybe its jazz or R&B. Whatever you choose make sure it is positive.



Rigorous movement is a way to instantly raise your vibration. This is where you whip out the burpees, jumping jacks and planks. If you’re a yogini,  it is power yoga time! Try some African dance, or jump rope. After a challenging day at work the last thing I want to do is exercise. I want to sit down and veg out. But my kid isn’t having it. He insist I jump with him on the trampoline. I’m tired, he doesn’t care. By time I’m finished jumping on the trampoline with him, my mood is instantly better. The key here is rigorous. Get your a$$ moving.



Expressing gratitude is great for changing perspective. When I’m in a real pissy mood; I start small.

Thank you for indoor plumbing, thank you for my tooth-brush, thank you for clean water.

I start real basic, sometimes with sarcasm, because sh!t, I’m in a bad mood. The point is to fix the mood which will eventually happen if you stick with it. When you start listing all the things you do have in this life, you realize you are pretty blessed and it aint that bad.


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