What the fck is carrageenan and why is it in everything?

pic from www.wholegreenlove.com <-- CHECK THEM OUT
pic from www.wholegreenlove.com

I first became aware of this pesky ingredient when I went looking for a milk alternative for my child. I have a male child so soy was definitely out of the question. He wants no part of coconut milk and he tolerates rice milk at preschool because his school is nut free; but almond is his favorite. I read the milk ingredients and all of them have carrageenan except for 365 Whole Foods Market brand and Silk. So what is carrageenan?

It is a red seaweed derivative used as a gelling, stabilizing and thickening agent. There are different types and one particular type causes inflammation in the body and digestive issues. The milk companies do not have to specify which type they are using in the milk and this is the problem. Depression is one of many symptoms of inflammation in the body. I’m curing my sad and I cannot fool with these suspect additives that are in supposedly natural foods. My sun’s brain is still developing.  I will not give him foods or products that will interfere with brain development?

I’m  starting to read the labels on everything and I keep getting my feelings hurt. The “C” word is in toothpaste. The toothpaste I buy cost twice as much as Crest and I can only buy it at the Vitamin Shoppe or local health food store. So if I don’t want fluoride in my system, I must ingest carrageenan? The only two brands readily available in my area without the junk are TheraNeem and EcoDent. Sometimes I just use baking soda and coconut oil. The little devil is in the children’s tooth paste also. I use the Babyganics brand for my short person.

Carrageenan is in that fake cheese and ice cream people eat. I gave up cheese because the imitations are an insult to my taste buds. I will never have another grilled cheese sandwich. I’m a little bummed about that. (Moment of silence for the grilled cheese graveyard) As far as ice cream is concerned, I prefer sorbet and SO Delicious cashew milk/salted caramel cluster has saved my entire life. Please try it so your life can be saved also.

I know that the CDC and FDA are in collusion with the pharmacy companies. It is big business to keep us sick.  But I never thought I’d have to give the side eye to the natural and organic companies. Reading is fundamental, it will save your life.


I love you & I want the best for you.

*feel free to do your own research on carrageenan. The internet is full of articles on this topic.

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