Why I Took My Toddler To The Chiropractor

I have a traditional medicine meets naturopathic medicine approach to health. I think the two can work  in harmony with one another. If I ever get shot or break a bone please get me to the nearest hospital, get me to the greatest surgeon and give me the best pain meds. However, if there is an alternative method to healing a common ailment, I will try it.

The toddler has had two major respiratory challenges. I want to do as many preventive things as I can to ensure King grows with healthy lungs. Outside of my sun’s regular pediatrician; I look him to a MD who is also a naturopathic doctor. My mother took me to her when I was growing up. Dr. Razi is great. She is located in DC. I didn’t see anyone who looked like me waiting to be seen. This may be because she doesn’t take insurance. I think it is worth saving the coins to see her every once in a while. She gave me a regime that included having me take King to get an adjustment.

I have a wonderful chiropractor named Dr. Moses. I went to see him armed with my litany of questions. Between the doc and doing my own research I found that babies and toddlers do get adjustments. They get them to help with colic, ear aches and to determine if the child is growing straight. I still wasn’t convinced and Papa Bear seemed ambivalent on the subject. I decided to give it a shot. King accompanied me to my monthly chiropractic appointment.

Dear black jesus thank you for giving me my little boy but can you please send him some act right. I got adjusted first. Lord forgive me if I have traumatized my sun. He screamed and yelled and tried to jump out of Yeye’s arms. I made a smart choice inviting her to come. Between each crack of my bones I tried to comfort King, he was not having it so then I told Yeye to put him down so he could be near me. I was face down and King came near my head. He grabbed a handful of my fro and pulled my head up so he could see my face. He had to make sure I wasn’t being hurt. I tried to reassure him in a calm soothing voice. King screamed louder. I can’t be sure but I think he hit doctor Moses.

Then it was King’s turn. He did not stay still very long. He wasn’t about that lay face down life at all. He did allow a little manipulation of the spine sitting upright with Yeye or myself holding him. There is something that is released when the doc touches a certain point in my spine. I respond by giggling uncontrollably. My mother responds the same way. King also burst out into a fit of giggles. This prompted everyone to join in. Thank goodness things ended peacefully. I scooped up my kid and got the heck out of there.